Keyword Search Help
Boolean Operator Example Result
AND sales AND computers Using the word AND will return only the results with both the words sales AND computers in either resume.
OR sales OR computers Using the word OR will return results that contain either sales OR computers in the resume.
AND NOT sales AND NOT computers Using the word AND NOT will return those results that contain the word sales but will exclude those that contain the word computers.
(  )

Utilize parentheses to separate keyword subsets

(sales AND computers)AND NOT insurance Using the parentheses to separate keyword subsets will result in a more refined search. You can use any of the Boolean Operators to separate your search criteria.

Utilize an asterisk as a wildcard character

develop* Using * after a root word will bring back any results that contain a variation of that root word in the title or description. In this example, the search would return any results that contain the words develop, development, developer, developing, etc.

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