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Senior Systems Engineer Aug 2, 2021
Ashburn, VA  
Senior Systems Engineer
Future Flight Services Operations Centers
Computer Network, Program Management Office.
Duration 5-10 years

Responsible for range of highly technical network activities across multiple disciplines, background in ACD and VCS management and support.
Voice Communications / VOIP, network technology, and Automated Call Director.
Senior Systems Engineer Responsibilities:
• Technical analysis and research in planning, engineering, design and implementations.
• Coordinate & communicate with program and FAA personnel in the ongoing design, support and maintenance of the FFSP Architecture
• Subject Matter Expert rapid analysis and remediation on FFSP Operational issues arising in day-to-day operations supporting the Flight Service 24x7x365 environments.
• Subject Matter Expert rapid analysis and remediation on FFSP lab issues arising in day-to-day operations supporting the Flight Service 24x7x365 Development environments.
• Analysis for implementation techniques and tools for the most efficient solution to problems.
• Implement new hardware into production computer rooms, complete activities that can’t be done during first and mid-shifts to minimize risks associated with equipment changes and implementations in active production FFSP operational computer rooms.
• Evaluate risk associated with planned implementations processes, monitors associated risks and communicates changing risk assessments while performing implementation activities in the event of abnormal system feedback.
• Coordinate third-party maintenance for ACD and VCS equipment and troubleshoot problems
• Work variable shift work supporting maintenance windows 10:00pm to 6:00am for implementation of changes to the FFSP lab and Operational systems
• Work independently after hours supporting Maintenance Window hardware installations on third shift for the installation and support of hardware in production operations for the FFSP lab and Operations equipment
• Research ongoing updates for ACD and VCS equipment and submit recommendations for final review by the FFSP Change Control Board
• Create implementation plans/technical solutions for approved Change Requests, coordinate implementation activities with other support areas, and implement planned changes to production environments
• Work as part of a larger team of Subject Matter Experts to affect repairs to all automation equipment within the facility and within the FFSP enterprise

Desired Skills:
• Aspect Unified-IP
• Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
• Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) – Nuance
• Text-to-speech (TTS)
• IVR CXP language
• IVR M3 language
• Business Objects / Business Views
• Experience in full life cycle systems engineering approaches
• Strong understanding of the Aspect Call Director system
• Strong understanding of Voice Communication Switch systems
• Experience with telephony / ACDs
• Experience and/or knowledge of Flight Services and aviation / air traffic control systems

US citizens. Pass the FAA security process (SF-85P Questionnaire for Public Trust Positions).
Personnel must be able to support emergency, off hours support, variable daily work hours.

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