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Common Operating Picture Manager - South Korea Nov 9, 2020
Vienna, VA  
Common Operating Picture Manager
ITES-3S LCAT: Systems Engineer, Intermediate
Secret Security Clearance

COP Systems Administrator, day-to-day accomplishment of tasks in section 5.3 of
this PWS, and one alternate to that identified team member.

4 years’ GCCS COP Fusion and management tools
COP fusion and management tools
COP management and operations support areas
Networks, IT systems, and server platforms.

Support the Current Operations Director (J33) and Information Network Systems
Administrators to maintain and upgrade servers and Global Command and Control
System (GCCS) applications. Will work with other teams on Tactical Data
Processors (TDPs) formulating the Command's COP.

Includes monitoring system operation and status, operational feeds are working,
update software, programming, computer hardware to maintain a continuous COP.

Liaison to help end-user requirements and data collection. Analyze problems with
the COP system. Resolve system application problems, update systems and
programs Troubleshoot and develop technical solutions for all Tactical Database
Management (TDMB) hosts.

COPT Manager will perform operating and system maintenance on Line Of Sight
(LOS) and Satellite (SAT) radios. Possess a military background in a 25-Series
Military Occupation Specialty (MOS), or service equivalent. Experience with COP
software verified by the COR.

Will work a 12-hour shift per day. Working conditions at assignment location could
be remote and uncomfortable, with long hours, exposure to weather, dust and
hazardous harsh conditions. Able to don all required personal protective gear and
physically execute assigned duties.

Computer skills: MS Office (Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word), Internet
Share, visually display, and brief significant activities and intelligence in real time
among multiple collaborators, and across different applications and machines.

Education: BS in IT or equivalent. Several years’ experience considered.
US Citizen. Active SECRET clearance.

Scheduled Weekly Hours: 40 and Travel Required:
None Telecommuting Options: Telecommuting Not Allowed
Work Location: South Korea

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