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Design & Test ENG Jun 9, 2020
Stafford, VA  
Design & Test ENG

IPSec Removal Project – Engineering Position Descriptions

Job Description

•This effort requires the removal of the IPSec VPNs and associated retirement of
the Outer Switches. This will require Phase 1 of the MPLS project to be completed
at each site.
Execution of this project affects a number of connected systems which must be
included in the scope of this effort.

•There is a two-phased approach to develop the network traffic encryption model
that meets government TRANSEC requirements across NMCI and execution plan
that incorporates all Tier 1 – Tier 4 sites and connected systems and
- Develop a solution to migrate encryption capability from the IPSEC VPN
device to DISA MPLS VPN.

• Documentation Requirements
- Submit project documentation, including Development “DEV” documents,
test plans, and test reports, to PMW 205 for Government concurrence and
approval where applicable.

• Conduct engineering activities in support of the following
- System Design
- Test Plan
- Test Report
- Implementation Plan

• Testing
- align to work already completed for affected system(s), test and certify
solutions in a lab environment CONOPS support

• Assist NETOPS in the update of the Concept of Operations (CONOPS) document.
- The CONOPS will document the operational roles and responsibilities and
reporting process workflows of the updated systems. Document its role in the
operation of the affected system(s) (eg uWAN-uTB)

Position Requirements – Engineer / Architect

•Experience with DISA NETWORK/IA STIGS
•Familiarity with DISA JIE STIGS
•Familiarity with DODAF SE methodology and documentation requirements
•Experience with Test Plan/Procedure documentation
•Experience supporting DIACAP processes and ISSE
•Some resources should be near San Diego (or have access to San Diego) for PCL
testing during all engineering phases
• Ability to obtain applicable clearances/access (anticipated to be no higher than
• Understanding of JIE constructs – Base Node
•Understanding of the NMCI unclassified WAN/unclassified Transport Boundary
System design and System interfaces
•Experience with WAN edge design/engineering (from very large to small site
• Experience with logical/virtual network segmentation techniques
• Expertise with routing protocols (OSPF/BGP) and IPv4/IPv6
• Strong Experience with dynamic IPSEC (e.g., GETVPN, FLEXVPN, DMVPN) and
technology dependencies (e.g., PKI, IKE, etcetera)
• Experience with dynamic tunneling (e.g., Multi-point GRE)
• Strong Experience with Operations-oriented engineering/implementation
strategies (i.e., production system will need to be functional in a transition-state
for an extended period)
• Intermediate understanding of MPLS

Test Engineer Additional Requirements

• Experience with Test Plan/Procedure documentation
• Experience supporting DIACAP processes and ISSE
• Location required in San Diego
• Certifications and/or equivalent experience: 8570 Certification (CISA, GSE, or
GCIH, Sec+ or CISSP).
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