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IT Specialist Mid Jun 9, 2020
Stafford, VA  
IT Specialist Mid

Four to nine (4-9) years of related experience in information systems. Under
general direction, install, configure, repair and maintain information technology
systems in both a stand-alone and client-server environment, including MS server,
Defense Message Systems, and other authorized information technology systems.
Install, configure, service, repair and maintain hardware and software for network
services, storage networking devices and servers. Integrate multiple information
systems in a networked environment, evaluate and resolve customer information
system problems, effect required hardware upgrades and repair to maintain
mission capability. Install and configure wireless hubs, routers, switches and
various transmission media, server hardware and software, and ensure the proper
installation and configuration of workstation hardware and software for efficient
operation on the network. Understands and uses appropriate tools to analyze,
identify, and resolve business and other technical problems. Applies metrics to
monitor performance and measure key project criteria. Prepares system
documentation, establishes and maintains security, integrity, and business
continuity controls and documents. Participates in special studies. Stays current
on emerging tools, techniques and technologies. 4-9 years of experience required.
Possess a Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) A+ CE
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