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Arabic Computational Linguistics May 7, 2020
McLean, VA  
Arabic Computational Linguistics
Tysons Corner, VA

Computational Linguistics.
Teaching computers to talk and understand humans.
Need someone with Arabic.
BS/MS Degree in Computation Linguistics

Arabic Computational Linguist with a strong background in natural language processing (NLP) and data annotation for the purposes of machine learning.

Designing and implementing a new end-to-end NLP engine that will innovate and bring our core product to the next level?

Working with large data sets, researching and developing innovative products.

Key Responsibilities
•Design Arabic natural language annotation ontologies and other methods to create supervised machine learning datasets
•Specify, coordinate, and evaluate the quality of labeled data for the purpose of model building and analysis
•Using Python, develop methods to assess, improve data quality
•Coordinate and collaborate with internal teams and external vendors to drive the creation of datasets
•Be the primary owner of natural language corpora, dictionaries and grammars that are foundational to business driving new collections and always improving existing assets
•Collaborate with others on the Data Science and Engineering teams to successfully design and develop a performant end-to-end NLP engine

Basic Qualifications
•BA/BS degree in Computational Linguistics, Linguistics or a related field
•3+ years’ experience driving the collection of large labeled datasets, working with grammars or other heuristic forms of data extraction and designing ontologies
•Fluency in Python and familiarity with a version control system like Git
•Fluency with machine learning performance and data quality metrics as they are applied to NLP tasks such as precision, recall, F1 and accuracy
•Experience with linguistic concepts such as syntax and dependency parsing, semantics, ontologies, dictionary management, etc.
•Excellent critical thinking skills, combined with the ability to present your beliefs clearly and compellingly in both verbal and written form
•Ability to adapt in a fast-paced, dynamic environment

Preferred Qualifications
•Degree or coursework in Computer Science
•Familiarity and project experience using Machine Learning techniques
•Experience using common NLP resources such as: ELMo, GloVe, spaCy, Apache OpenNLP, Stanford CoreNLP, NLTK, WordNet, etc.
•Eager to learn more about software engineering, machine learning and data science
•Fluency in English
•Fluency in Java or other object-oriented programming languages
•Experience with program management and working with third party vendors

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