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Data Scientest Feb 10, 2020
Herndon, VA  
Data Scientist
Location: Herndon, VA

Applications Development on a high-profile suite of services that will supply users with productionized data analytics to assist the wide range of Information Management mission activities conducted across the Sponsor organization. Work with a team of software developers and data scientists to refine the new baseline of analytic tools and build out new tools on a routinized production cadence to meet the evolving needs of Sponsor user, in the realm of high-demand data analytics. Development using scrum techniques with inputs from the Project Manager, IT Division Leadership, Technical Director, Subject Matter Experts, stakeholders. Work with project team members, user community, leadership to assess changes and demonstrate iterative progress.

• Participate with iterative software development teams with adherence to all reporting requirements
• Design, develop, unit testing code for a production system and demonstration capabilities
• Develop iterative screen mock ups, use of rapid prototyping to drive out requirements and design
• Demonstrations and detailed walk through of features to a variety of technical and non-technical audiences
• Meet with stakeholders, analyzing requirements, develop user stories and related artifacts, translating into software development tasks
• Work with systems engineers, design of final system
• Technical documentation and briefing materials to support program status reviews, control gates, presentations as directed by program management

Mandatory Skills
1. On-the-job experience with text analytics and its applications/role/use in business intelligence/business analytics (i.e. search, entity extraction, sentiment analysis, document summarization, document categorization)
2. Cleanse and process (Extract, Transform, Load - ETL) large raw data sets.
3. Researching and implementing novel machine learning algorithms for new business problems
4. Develop proof of concepts of new technologies, evaluate state of the art machine learning algorithms for text analytics
5. Designing ( Python, Java)developing web-based platforms and services to perform data analytics on large data sets
6. Design, develop, test and implement new applications based on project requirements
7. Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Math, or other relevant field and minimum of five years of experience (Master’s degree equates to an additional 2 years of relevant work experience)
Desired Skills (in order of importance):
1. Working with Linux (Bash) shell scripting
2. Machine learning tools such as TensorFlow
3. Solr or Elastic Search
4. Data visualization tools (Tableau, Pandas, D3.js, ggplot)
5. NoSQL data stores; MongoDB, DynamoDB, HBase, Cassandra
6. Performing advanced analytics against big data
7. Ddeployment of applications in Commercial Cloud Services (C2S) environment or Amazon Web Services cloud environment
8. SpaCy, Apache OpenNLP, Stanford CoreNLP, NLTK, LingoClustering, or Gensim Natural Language Processing
9. Natural Language Processing
10. Agile software development teams using scrum techniques
11. Jira, Confluence, and GitHub for documenting work
12. Work with project team (3-5 developers) decomposing concepts, development tasks, managing work to a deadline

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