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Oracle Tuxedo System Administrator IOSS 0124 Apr 4, 2019
Austin, TX  
Oracle Tuxedo System Administrator IOSS 0124
Location: Veterans Administration Hines IL
Long term program

Create plans to assure effective management, operations, and maintenance of systems and/or networks.
Manage teams of system admins and can prioritize work and identify high risk critical problems and dedicate appropriate resources. Knowledge of a wide variety of systems and networks to include high volume/high availability systems.

Oracle Tuxedo Administration

• (1) Deploying new versions of Tuxedo, applying patches, and recompiling XA drivers for use with new releases;
• (2) Maintain architecture code on the server side (UNIX), core framework for security, auditing, logging for applications using FML16 fields;
• (3) Maintaining the batch infrastructure code on the server side (UNIX);
• (4) Maintain C code which provides the framework (security, audit, logging) on Windows for all thick client applications used by VBA.
• This is a very long term position. Best we can offer is $50/hour C to C.
• DanSources will pay you weekly like we do for all our contractors.
• If you find a good person send the resume to
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