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BA 215 Budget and Finance Apr 12, 2019
Baltimore, MD  
BA 215 Subject Matter Expert (Senior)

Required Skills:
• Experience with the DOD (Air Force Preferred) Budgeting
and Execution
• Experience compiling annual execution plans and advising
management in written and oral communication on the proper
distribution of funds
• Ability to develop fiscal year execution plan to ensure
organization is postured for future year funding
• Strong attention to detail and ability to prepare
documents for executive review with limited direction
• Experience with preparing and coordinating financial
reports with senior members of the organization to analyze,
defend, plan and program the current and future baselines
• Ability to prepare, coordinate and have oversight of
annual government budget by providing statistics and
analysis of present and past execution year spend plans,
unfunded requirements that defend return on investment
• Experience with automated budgetary systems

Desired Skills
• Superior organizational skills to analyze, develop and
deliver detailed reports meeting tight suspense windows
• Knowledge of policies, programs, organizations,
functions, resources, and legislation affecting accredited
digital forensic lab, training and outreach organizations.
• Capability to plan and coordinate activities involving
national cyber security initiatives
• Knowledge of policies, programs, organizations,
functions, resources, and legislation affecting accredited
digital forensic lab, training and outreach organizations
• Knowledge of methods to evaluate and advise on the
organization, methods, and procedures for providing
administrative support systems such as records,
communications, directives, forms, files, and

NOTE: This surge position will be through August 2019.
Budget analyst for the Department of Defense Cyber Crime
Center (DC3), performing a variety of budget functions in
support of budget formulation, execution, and analysis.
Provide support with budget formulation and work involving
preparation of detailed analyses of annual and multi-year
budget estimates. Advises on budget estimate compliance
with policy, rules, regulations and procedures prescribed
by higher headquarters. Makes recommendations as to future
year program levels and multiple appropriation funding
sources. Interprets and analyzes the impact of new and
revised congressional legislation on the formulation of and
execution of the budget. Provides support with budget
execution and administration work involving the monitoring
of obligations incurred and the actual expenditures of a
budget with different sources and types of funding, such as
direct annual, multi-year, and no-year appropriations;
apportionments; allotments; transfer of funds from other
agencies; revenue from other federal agency funded
operations; and refunds. Uses automated budgetary systems
(i.e. DEAMS, CRIS) and computer-generated products in
accomplishing budgeting assignments
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