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ServiceNow Specialist - REMOTE Oct 18, 2018
Austin, TX  
Good morning,

We have an urgent need to fill Service Now positions that we inherited from a previous contract held by HMS Technologies.

Please find attached the list of positions we are looking to fill at this time. We are continuing to understand the requirements will keep you informed if there are more available. These positions can be remote. As a background, there are people working in these positions but their contract will end in the near future. If you get resumes from personnel already on the program working for HMS, the customer (VAPM) will decide if he wants the candidate (they were located in Louisiana). The skill sets in the attached Position Descriptions document are above and beyond the LCAT requirement. All must have Service Now experience and some positions require a little more.

As far as those that are cc'd on this email, here are their roles and how you can expect to hear correspondence during the hiring process:
• Karen Smith: Leidos DPM responsible for direct interface with the VAPM on the positions and their work.
• Kelly Giddens: Your subcontracting POC.
• Chris Jackson: Technical and resume interviewer to ensure they are going to meet the work requirements.
• John Skinner: Overall "Chief of Staff" and Ops director overseeing the delivery of service.

Your current negotiated rates will be in effect for these positions. Upon receiving a qualifying resume, please send them to Kelly Giddens with the associated UPI number. That number is how we track each position separately.

Given the VA’s urgent need to fill these positions, we may not be able to provide candidate feedback.

Please note the following:
• Submit only one document per candidate, with the file name “First Middle Last.”
• Your submission must include the candidate's middle name. In lieu of a middle name, please put NMN. Any resume that is sent without a middle name will not be considered for this position.
• Your submission must include the following information about the candidate: full legal name, phone number, email address, city and state, and availability.
• Only a candidate’s resume will be submitted to the hiring manager. Any information included in the body of the submission email will not be included.
• Remove your company name, logo, etc. from the resume before sending.
• You should have a commitment from any candidates you submit.
• Responding to this RFP constitutes acceptance of the attached General Provisions.
• Any award resulting from this RFP will be governed by the T&Cs of your existing and/or pending IOSS subcontract.
• The candidates will be proposed in accordance with the rates specified in your IOSS subcontract or rate card. Deviations from the agreed upon rates will result in the disqualification of the candidate.

Candidates will be evaluated based on the following criterion:
• Order of receipt
• Resume meets minimum requirements of the position description
• Technical competence
• Past experience

Questions should be submitted by 3:00pm EST on 10/18/2018.

Please provide your resumes by 7:00pm EST on 10/24/2018.

Kelly Giddens
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