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Java Software/Systems Architect, Sr IOSS 077 Aug 28, 2018
Austin, TX  
Software/Systems Architect, Sr. (JAVA) IOSS 077
Monitoring Integration Administrator
Location: AITC, Austin TX

* Approved for telework (Yes/No; Duty): Yes 2 days per week
* Performed virtually (100% Remote Access) (Yes/No): No

Software/Systems Architect, Sr experience, Application/Infrastructure performance and availability program management experience, VA IT computing infrastructure and architecture.

Analytical processes to the planning, design and implementation of new and improved information systems to meet the business requirements of customer organizations.

Application Performance and Availability Monitoring Administration/Architecture, 24x7x365 basis the following tasks:
1. Perform discovery and requirements analysis for new system features, analysis of current system capabilities and limitations and design/engineer/integrate new system capabilities to meet requirements.
2. Provide SME level support on application performance, desktop performance, and application availability and desktop availability monitoring and reporting using current VA monitoring tools such as CA Application Performance Management, AppDynamics monitoring tools, Arcturus Applicare, Microsoft Bluestripe Factfinder, XPOlog Management, CA Service Operations Insight, CA Business Service Insight, Aternity Desktop monitoring, and other performance monitoring tools as required.
3. Customize the monitoring interface to provide dashboards, monitoring and alerts for all monitored applications. .
4. Document and test the customizations. 5. Use monitoring diagnostic tools to find the root cause of performance issues.
6. Assist Government and Contractor helpdesk staff on the use of monitoring diagnostic tools to pinpoint production issues.
7. Assist Government and Contractor staff on Root Cause Analysis based on data reported from the monitoring system. 8. Create and tune performance monitoring and availability alerts.
9. Recommend policies and procedures on actions to take based on the alerts generated. All recommendations shall be provided to the COR/VA PM(s) for approval prior to any implementation or changes.
10. Develop standards, policies and procedures around the use of application performance monitoring and availability in the pre-production and production environments, and provide all recommendations to the COR/VA PM(s) for approval prior to any implementation or changes.
11. Participate in tuning and troubleshooting efforts.
12. Work with customers to resolve performance and availability issues.
13. Monitor subsystems using customized scripting appropriate to the monitoring tool being used.
14. Document operational steps and practices necessary to perform the assigned administrative duties, example creating Run-Books.

Senior Software/System Architect extensive experience in the coordination of program and project leaders to identify requirements for system architecture. Must be able to identify strategies for addressing requirements. Must have extensive experience with analysis of requirements against fiscal, schedule, and performance issues. Has extensive experience in taking program requirements and is able to create an architecture vision having experience in high volume and high availability networks and systems. Experience in creating and conveying to team members the architectural vision for a program or project. Is responsible for dictating design choices to software developers, including but not limited to: platforms, coding and technical levels. Experience in establishing and enforcing standards and practices. Overseeing the development team, he manages the full life cycle of the software development process. Has extensive software development experience and thorough knowledge of a variety of programming languages and logic.

• 2 years hands-on experience with performance tuning, diagnostic or monitoring
• 2 years hands-on design / development experience, Java, .Net, etc.)
• 1 year hands-on experience performance diagnostics tools (e.g. CA APM, AppDynamics, Dynatrace, New Relic, etc.)
• Local to Austin

• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience
• Previous Consulting experience
• Distributed computing, Web Services, SOA, JEE design concepts
• Delivering software designed for high concurrency, scalability, or availability
• Application Performance Management (APM) tools (e.g. AppDynamics, DynaTrace, New Relic, CA APM)
• Agile software development process
• Collecting performance data, analyzing, troubleshooting, and tuning
• Navigating UNIX/Linux command line to assess OS performance
• Analysis, reverse engineering, debugging, and profiling Java code (e.g. Eclipse Profiler, Eclipse TPTP, JProbe, JProfiler, Yourkit, VisualVM, Valgrind, NetBeans profiler, JConsole, JBoss Profiler, JAMon, JRocket Flight Recorder)
• Debugging web applications using HTTP proxy or browser-plugin tools (e.g. Firebug, Chrome Developer Tools, Fiddler, HTTPWatch, HTTP Analyzer, Charles, YSlow)
• Analyzing the performance and health of a JVM or Application Server (e.g. IBM WebSphere, Oracle AS, BEA WebLogic, JBoss, Tomcat, Glassfish)
• Usage of common application protocols and messages (e.g. TCP/IP, HTTP, SOAP, RESTful APIs, XML/JSON, JDBC, JMS/MQ)
• Analyzing network messages using a packet capture tool (e.g. WireShark,TcpDump, WinDump)
• SQL development and tuning
• Cloud, SaaS, and virtualization concepts and performance concerns
• Application threading and concurrency concerns
• Operating system design , processes, and threading model
• Work in other languages such as JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, Perl, Python, Powershell, and Linux shell scripting
High Tier 3

TRAVEL: (Yes or No)No
VIRTUAL: (Yes or No)No

Master’s Degree/10 years’ experience Computer Science, EE, or other engineering technical discipline. 8 years additional relevant experience substituted for education.
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