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Plans/Scheduling Support Services CDC Aug 3, 2018
Atlanta, GA  
Plans and Scheduling Support Services
Location: CDC Roybal Campus located at 1600 Clifton Road, Atlanta, GA; Bldg. 21.

Base Period: September 12, 2018 – October 19, 2018
Option Period 1: October 20, 2018 – November 31, 2018

1. Assist the Project Manager, Deputy, Operations Lead and Logistics Lead with the development and proper execution of plans and operations that improve the capability of state Public Health and Emergency Management departments to respond quickly to a terrorist nerve agent attack.
2. Develop and assist with the management of the project tasks to assist with the prioritization of project tasks and ensure that key tasks are not forgotten when priorities change.
3. Initiate and maintain a fair and balanced scheduling system that schedules Project personnel for the Program’s Operations Center.

6. Review and record every State Loan agreement after every mission is complete. Track and analyze the discrepancies for each storage location.
7. Develop, record the metrics for all the travel days and product quantities that are being replaced for each mission.
8. Act as the internal administrator for CHEMPACK staff for SharePoint. Update cache site locations to ensure correct location is provided in the Cache Locator Application.

Minimum Requirements:
Bachelor's Degree or equivalent + 3 years' related experience

Task 3:
Subcontractor shall ensure that all contract employees complete CDC and DSNS training.

The Subcontractor shall ensure that all contract employees complete one-time and annual CDC and DSNS training.

The following training courses are required annually and are completed online. Other training may be approved by Leidos / CDC if it is determined that is it necessary to perform the required tasks.
o Records Management Training
o Security Awareness Training
o Ethics Training

The Subcontractor will:
1. Ensure contract staff’s profile is updated in CDC neighborhood within 30 days of employee start date and every six months thereafter.
2. Ensure all applicable required training is completed on schedule.
3. Ensure subcontractor employees update CDC Neighborhood within 5 days of completing a training.

Task 4:
Subcontractor will respond to DSNS generated alerts.
Staff will be required to carry an issued device and respond to alerts, ensuring that their devices are properly configured with custom ringtones/notifications on receiving structured DSNS system alerts.

Subcontractor will:
1. Ensure all on-call subcontractor staff can be contacted within 15 minutes of call initiation 24 hours a day.
2. Ensure all contract employees respond within 15 minutes upon receiving a DSNS system alerts.
3. Ensure all employees have their mobile communications device on their person and turned on at all times except while on leave or on a commercial aircraft.
4. Ensure that within two business days of being notified that contract staff did not respond to a structured DSNS message, submit an After Action Report stating the reason for the missed response(s).
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