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Software Integration Test Engineer TDFM Jul 31, 2018
Gaithersburg, MD  
Software Integration and Test Engineer
Location: Gaitherburg, MD
FAA-STD-026A NAS Software Development Standard

* System Integration and Test Engineer activities.
* Test experience for system integration and formal testing, proven system engineering skills (SW, CAS and HW), strong problem determination skills, and ability to solve engineering issues in complex systems, and the development of test plans and procedures.
* Provide Data Reduction & Analysis and Tower controller understanding and knowledge of FAA interfacing systems.
Specific activities include:
a) Development/test/validation of I&T scenarios
b) Development of test plans/procedures
c) Lab execution
d) Data analysis necessary to verify PR fixes
e) PTR verification
f) CR verification
g) Regression testing
h) IT status reporting
i) Other related tasks as requested
j) System Owner Support
k) Problem Determination (PD), Data Reduction, Analysis (DR&A).

3.2 Skills and Experience
• Experience (appropriate for skill level defined in Appendix A) in complete software development lifecycle
• Experience using an agile and waterfall methodology, to include engineering, development, test and integration
• Experience preparing test plans & procedures
• Experience in lab test execution
• Experience and/or knowledge of aviation / air traffic control
• Software language: Shell Scripting
• Good communication and interpersonal skills
• Atlassian Tool Suite, JIRA, and Webstat.

General Requirements
• Deliver high quality work products on or ahead of schedule
• Follow all documented Leidos and TFDM program processes
• Meet or beat all individual and team objectives/milestones
• Support assigned team – participate in team activities and meetings, support team planning and assist in establishing team priorities
• Use the most efficient methods to accomplish tasks
• Work overtime if necessary to meet deadlines
• Provide off-site support when necessary
• Maintain a team oriented and positive attitude
• Communicate effectively and constructively with all members of the team
• Suggest process/product improvements to enhance the quality and/or timeliness of program efforts.

• Meet/exceed the requirements of the labor category described in Appendix A.
• Perform tasks on Buyer’s programs, as assigned by a Buyer’s Engineering manager.
• On an as-needed basis defined by Buyer
• Participate in technical status discussions with the appropriate team leaders and/or managers.
• Responsible for coordinating these discussions, which may address
• Progress/accomplishments for the week
• Plans for the next week
• Issues/Concerns/Problems
• Suggestions/Recommendations

Senior: BS plus 5 years
Very familiar with FAA-STD-026A NAS Software Development Standard

Mid-Level : BS with 2 years
Very familiar with FAA-STD-026A NAS Software Development Standard
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