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Information Technology Specialist SSA Jul 23, 2018
Oakton, VA  
Information Technology Specialist (ITS)
Location: Baltimore, MD
Level 3; level 2; level 1 (ITS3):

* Manage enterprise-wide information technology projects. * Deploying solutions across organizations with more than 40,000 users across multiple geographic locations and using multiple data center architectures.
* Industry best-practices and lessons-learned in enterprise IT projects and deployments, and experience in the development of best-practices for enterprise size clients. * Work without technical oversight and to lead and/or supervise a team of specialists.
* Oral and written communications skills in order to clearly and effectively convey issues, reports, and other deliverables to SSA counterparts.

* Know Federal laws and regulations, directives, instructions, policy, standards and guidance so that requirements ensure for security and privacy compliance.

* FedRAMP requirements and guidance.

• Leads specialists on project(s) across components and technical areas.
• Direction across components and acts in a consulting and/or advisory capacity.
• Manages enterprise-wide IT projects.
• Manages architecture, engineering, deployment, operations.
• Recommends and implements best-practices in the development and delivery of IT services.
• Expertise, support, oversight, analysis design and development of IT solutions and architectures, creation of information and decision papers, development of IT standards, review of logical and physical database and application design, change control and problem resolution, validation and stress-testing of IT solutions, and facilitating the use of IT solutions by end-users.
• Leads process and data modeling initiatives in support of planning and analysis efforts using both manual and automated tools.
• Applies an enterprise-wide set of disciplines for the planning, analysis, design, construction, reverse-engineering, and reengineering of information systems on an enterprise-wide basis or across a major sector of the enterprise.
• Develops, integrates, and deploys enterprise solutions.
• Engineers and manages hardware and software architectures and ensures compatibility and optimal integration of multiple systems.
• Technical architecture adherence to plans, specifications.
• Leads the formulation, review, recommendation of solutions, hands-on understanding of how products and services interrelate and support the customer mission.
• Needs analysis to define opportunities for new and improved business and process solutions.
• Performance of feasibility studies and trade off analyses to define system scope and objectives.
• Develops cost estimates for new or modified systems.
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