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Systems Security/Network Engineer SSA Jul 23, 2018
Oakton, VA  
Systems Security/Network Engineer (SNE)
Location: Baltimore MD possibly Durham, NC
Level 1 Beginner; Level 2 Junior
Level 3 is for a very senior Person

General Description:
Systems Security/Network Engineer - Configuration, implementation, maintenance of SSA systems/networks.

* Administrate network infrastructure; Desktop PCs; servers; network equipment, DASD; software applications.

* Identify, assess, recommend appropriate solutions
* Windows XP/VISTA/2003 Server platforms, Active Directory; Exchange 2003/2007 messaging system; Windows scripting.
* LAN/MAN/WAN configurations, Cisco routers, switches, Internet firewalls, Load Balancers, Network Access Control, and wireless technologies.
*Setting up and managing SQL Server.

* Integration computer system security solution.
* Security techniques, technologies, tools to design, develop, implement security solutions.
* Continuity assurance for the Agency.
* Vulnerability and risk analysis, computer security penetration studies, full system development life cycle.
* Business systems security support; contributing to technical briefings and reports; participate in meetings and walkthroughs; analyze problems and provide solutions; user support; research.

* Technical cross-agency security initiatives; Trusted Internet Connection (TIC) compliance, Information Security Continuous Monitoring Mitigation (ISCM), Identity, Credential, and Access Management (ICAM), Anti-Phishing & malware defense (APMD), Continuous Diagnostics, Mitigation (CDM).

* Plans, organizes, participates in, direction with team of specialists selecting and application of problem solving methods and techniques.

Level 3 (SNE3):
* Direct and oversee operations and maintenance activities for voice and data communications networks.
* Protocol analysis and knowledge of LAN and WAN data communications protocols (TCP/IP, IPv6, MPLS).
* Implementing Quality of Service (QOS) schemes.
* Plan, perform fault management, configuration control, and performance monitoring.
* Back-up, deactivation, restart of network resources/services.
* Work without technical oversight and to lead and/or supervise a team of specialists.
* Oral and written communications skills, clearly and effectively convey issues, reports, and other deliverables to SSA counterparts.

* Know Federal laws and regulations, directives, instructions, policy, standards and guidance so that requirements ensure for security and privacy compliance.

* Knowledge of FedRAMP requirements and guidance.
* Knowledge of the Federal Cybersecurity Strategy and Implementation Plan (CSIP) (refer to OMB M-16-04) and related OMB and DHS cyber security initiatives to ensure that business process and requirements are aligned with cross-agency goals.
* Know IT and Financial Management laws and OMB circulars, * Federal Information System Controls Audit Manual (FISCAM).

• Lead efforts of specialists on project(s) across components and/or technical areas.
• Guidance and direction across components and acts in a consulting and/or advisory capacity.
• Direct work of specialists engaged in total Direct Access Storage Device (DASD) operations, management of batch production DASD pools, DASD backup/ error recovery maintenance responsibilities, and batch production program and procedural library updates and maintenance.
• Participates in work groups, conferences, and meetings for the purpose of providing advice and guidance and obtaining information as to the needs of the project.
• Develops and presents specialized training courses, briefings, and position papers on policies pertaining to complex sophisticated technical matters. Provides technical direction, assistance, and on-the-job training to technical staff as required.
• Lead planning, design, documentation, and implementation of various systems to include desktop PC’s, servers, network equipment, and software applications.
• Develops, maintains, and monitors procedures for server backups.
• Monitors, plans, and coordinates the distribution of client/server software and service packs.
• Makes recommendations for new equipment and services to purchase and works with various vendors for procurement.
• Performs on-site and remote technical support, and provides emergency on-call support on a rotating schedule.

Level 2 (SNE2) and Level 1 (SNE1)
Windows System Administrators
Are lower levels
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