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Senior Security Analyst (0042) May 31, 2018
Austin, TX  
Senior Security Engineer (3 positions)
RFP 0042-SAB-52918
Location: Austin Tx
Clearance: Public Trust

*Experience concepts, terms, processes, policy and implementation of information security.
* Experience in latest security measures at all stages of an information system life cycle.
*Solve complex problems involving a wide variety of information systems.
* Differentiate between critical and non-critical systems and networks
*24x7x365 support
* Assessment and Authorization (A&A) processes
* Monitor 300+ applications serving ITOPS IO datacenters
* SME of Certified Authorization Professional (CAP®).
* Federal Information Systems Management Act (FISMAn
* NIST Special Pubs, OMB Memorandum, Privacy Act
* HIPAA, VA directives, handbooks IAW 2.0,local directives.

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