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Security Engineer Raleigh SJP00006676 Jun 14, 2018
Morrisville, NC  
Security Engineer/Endpoint Protection -

Engineering expertise in endpoint security technologies to
include Symantec End-point Protection, Invincia, Data Loss
Prevention, and other industry end-point toolsets;
preferably in a large organization.


Understanding of Windows workstation platform, registry,
protocols, etc.
Experience engineering computer builds/security policies
Providing technical engineering for endpoint settings,
policies, and design configurations
Able to communicate complex issues to other engineers and
work with other engineers and/or vendor to debug and/or
change configuration to solve systemic configuration
Self-motivated; must take ownership of issues
Commitment to following through until complete resolution
of problem
Flexible; be able to adapt to changes in the work
Ability to multitask
Excellent written and oral communication skills
Ability to find creative solutions to complex problems
This individual must possess well-rounded technology
experience in a distributed computing environment.
Candidate must have 3 – 7 years of relevant technology
and infrastructure experience.
Additional Provisions
• Pass both a client mandated clearance process to
include drug screening, criminal history check and credit
• Once candidate’s resume is approved and interview
passed, the agency is responsible for providing drug
screening. Failure to submit the drug screening results
will delay the security clearance process.
• If a candidate is given an interim clearance,
continuation of employment is then based on the candidate
receiving a sensitive clearance.
• All candidates must be a US Citizen, or have a
permanent residence status (Green) card.
• Candidate must have lived in the United States for the
past 5 years.
• Cannot have more than 6 month’s cumulative travel
outside the United States within the last five years.
Military Service excluded. (Exception does not include
military family members.)
• All overtime must be pre-approved in writing by the
client manager or his/her designated representative.
• Agency will not be reimbursed for overtime charges
without previous written authorization. Authorized
overtime will be reimbursed at straight time.

• The enforced dress code is business casual, i.e.
collared shirt with slacks for men, no skirts above the
knee for women.
Place and Period of Performance:

• Hours of support:
o The standard work week for contract staff will be 5
days a week and 8 hours per day preferable
o Contract staff may be required to travel to support
business efforts.
• Location: Morrisville/Raleigh, NC
PoP: Award through 09/30/2018

Candidates must have all required skills/experience to be

Candidates must be a US Citizen

Candidates need Public Trust Clearance
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