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BA101 Data Extraction Analyst May 17, 2018
Baltimore, MD  
Data Extraction Analyst (101)
Computer Forensic & Intrusion Analyst (Journeyman)

• Forensic examination for the DoD, supporting
• Forensic examination processes on a variety of media
including hard drives, thumb drives, memory cards, and
cellular devices.
• Detailed notes on processes undertaken and develops
forensic reports in support of criminal investigation and
• Assist developing new and innovative forensic processes
and procedures.
• Peer reviews of other examiners' reporting and serves as
a mentor for less experienced examiners.
• Expert witness testimony in military and civilian courts
support of forensic examinations conducted by the examiner.

Required Skills:
• Experience in the field of digital media forensics
• Mobile device data extraction and analysis (CELLEX).
• In-depth experience with file system forensics
• In-depth experience with registry analysis
• In-depth experience with Internet history analysis
• Steganography and encryption detection and analysis
• Managing complex large data set analysis
• In-depth experience with timeline analysis
• Experience with forensic media imaging
• In-depth experience with email analysis
• In-depth experience with signature and hash analysis
• Forensics tools; EnCase, Forensic Toolkit, and Xways.
• Documentation, written skills, technical report writing
• Ability to acquire and maintain a TS clearance

Desired Skills:
• Industry standard cert: CFCE, EnCE, ACE, GIAC, DoD
• Forensic tool and script development
• Programming experience
• Law enforcement investigation experience and
understanding of search and seizure

• BS/MS Degree plus 5 years experience
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