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Mainframe Payroll Programmer Mar 15, 2018
Rockville, MD  
Mainframe Payroll Programmer
Location: Glen Burnie, MD
Customer: MVA

IBM Mainframe Payroll System Engineer
* 10 years supporting APS CASE Tool-generated COBOL Code for an IBM Mainframe based Payroll application.
* Apps Master Builder, Cobol, JCL, DB2, text editor (TSE).
* BS or MS Computer Science other Technical
* Eight (8) years system management, system integration.
* Five (5) years system interfaces, system integration and
network development, hardware, and software solutions.
* 3 years in operating systems software, electronic
communications analysis and design, or networking.

Must Have:
* Develop, support system interfaces to and from EMIS
* For example: mTrack, cost systems, CPB, DBM, SHA Expense
* Translate legislative changes, union agreements, Governor’s Executive Orders, US Affordable Care Act
requirements into EMIS System changes
* Test plans, program/system testing, present results to MDOT Payroll Staff
* Problem solving skills, investigate, analyze, prioritize and resolve problems.

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