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Flexera FNMS Administrator Dec 21, 2017
Carson, CA  
Flexera FNMS Administrator
Location: Boston, MA or Carson, CA
Clearances: Secret
Certifications: Security +Ce Certification, Microsoft Vendor Certification

* 5 years Flexera FNMS software asset management.
* Software license management and optimization.
* FNMP installation/upgrades/fix packs, lead /executed system upgrades on FNMS.
* Windows/Unix/Linux environment.
* Understand business and technical requirements
* Draft requirements, design, technical installation, configuration and customization specification documents
* Work with Infrastructure, Work Place technology teams with hands on experience on building/maintaining interfaces to pull / push raw license consumption information.
* Proactive communication with the internal team and external end user community
* Driving continuous support and process improvements
* Comfortable working within SQL Management Studio and IIS
* Work with tech teams to decom servers, update scripts to continue to get the right info back from the servers
* Work with Procurement, Publisher reps, VARs and license managers.
* Maintenance/Subscription Renewal, Purchase Request and Procurement Process
* Design and implement Enterprise Software License Management.

* Understand software contract purchase and license terms, including how license terms may be expressed by the software publisher, the contract writer, and FNMS.

* Understand how software can be detected on various systems, both using FNMS and other means of verification (IBM Big Fix, VMware reports, datacenter staff/tools).

* Produce software asset metric reports in FNMS, providing metric of success achieving license compliance for each software product, custom reports for key personnel.

* Deriving and verifying contract purchase orders from existing contract documentation, associated software products for each contract, associated license terms for each product, inputting that data into FNMS, verifying accuracy of FNMS reports that are dependent on that data.

* Check all licenses visible in Flexera for issues—i.e., whether those licenses have been created correctly, are associated with the proper purchases, and are functioning correctly in terms of accurately tracking compliance for their associated software products. Remediation performed as needed.

* Process new evidence in FNMS for software on a regular basis, associating it appropriately with various software products, and adjusting license models in FNMS as needed to accommodate new versions of products

* Verifying FNMS rules for discovery of software products, and, where necessary, maintaining those rules according to Flexera guidelines for FNMS

* Providing and assisting others in producing software license compliance reports using FNMS, highlighting non-compliance according to priority of software product.

* Contracts prioritized according to cost and tracked for license compliance--given a grade/color as to success of software license compliance tracking. A tracking chart and instructions shall be provided. Input to indicate whether contract/license data has been successfully obtained from contracting sources, whether license terms have been successfully determined, license modelling and compliance analysis have been successfully accomplished using FNMS (or accommodated by some other means.

* FNMS data integrity shall be tracked according to # of unresolved issues. These issues will be reported on a regular basis. The team will use this input to prioritize maintenance activities targeting this data.

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