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Business Analyst Jun 22, 2017
Reston, VA  
Business Analyst
State Govt. Cient
Location: Baltimore, MD
Duration: 2 years

Required Skills:

• Experience working as a Business Analyst in an Oracle to Microsoft SQL Server 2012 development project


• Troubleshooting (actual problem resolution may be under non-recurring duties below)
• Applications programming
• Database maintenance
• User support
• Oracle to Microsoft SQL Server 2012 technical services to MHEC IT project team
• Replication of Oracle reports in Microsoft SQL Server 2012
• Post-secondary dashboard development to support SLDS Project 2.8, “Develop Reporting on Postsecondary Distance Education”
• Activity reporting as requested by the TO Manager
• Other duties as assigned by the TO Manager
• The TO Contractor shall be responsible for developing new reports and system enhancements as requested by MHEC
• Offerors shall describe how new reports shall be defined, developed, and tested to support MHEC needs under this Task Order.

State is interested in approaches that leverage iterative approaches to developing solutions, and will be evaluated higher than those with only “waterfall” or other non-iterative experience.

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