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Web Application Security Engineer May 5, 2016
Alexandria, VA  
Web Application Security Engineer
Location: Alexandria, VA

* Conduct application and network security assessments.
* Analyze software and implementations from a security perspective.
* Perform security audits, risk analysis, application-level vulnerability testing and security code-reviews
* Communicate recommendations to clients in verbal and written format.
* Maintain up-to-date knowledge of security threats, countermeasures, security tools and network technologies with a focus on web application security.
* Develop and maintain client relationships and occasionally assist in the sales process.
* Perform web application vulnerability assessments and penetration tests.
* Code review projects, network security assessments, server configuration reviews, firewall policy reviews and other security consulting.
* Analyze the results of engagements to determine vulnerabilities and risks within client networks, systems and applications.
* Sharing technical knowledge, enhancing report and deliverable templates and improving the overall methodology for conducting application assessments.
* Implement improvements in processes and procedures.
* Produce high-quality written deliverables for clients.
* Travel to client sites to perform needed services.
* 30-40% travel during peak times, lower other times.
* Work with various teams
* Web Application and Network penetration Tests
* Configuration and Firewall Policy Reviews
* Background in PHP, .NET, ASP, ColdFusion, Java, SQL
* BS Degree or better or additional years experience w/o.
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