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Cyber Security and Forsensics Jan 28, 2012
Washigton DC ( Metro Area), DC  
End Client : Dept of Defense
Direct Hire Position
Location: Washington, DC ( Metropolitan area)
Salary : Open + Full benefits

(10 years contract awarded in 2012)

Active Secret and higher

Positions Available:
" Malware Analyst
" Reverse Engineer (with Hardware Debuggers)
" Forensics Technician
" Forensics Analyst
" Cyber Crime Trainer

Required Skills:
" IDA Pro Debugger
" Olly Debugger
" Compiling Binary Code ( Bit 8  256)

Some Tools:
" "Hydra"Integrated tool environment
" "Gorgon"Deobfuscator
" "Cerberus"Universal stealthy debugger
" "Kraken"Stealthy system profiler
" "Oracle"Visualizer and analysis tool
" "Phoenix"Virtual machine decoder

High preference to those worked in these facilities:
" DC3 = Defense Cyber Crime Center
" DCFL = Defense Cyber Forensics Lab
" DCITA = Defense Cyber Instructional Training Facility
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